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At Dirigo we provide services from start to finish, from concept development to the satisfied departure of the participants, taking the burden of responsibility from you to ensure your peace of mind.

Logistics for event management:  Selection and scheduling of venue(s), equipment, speakers, guides, based on an extensive network of contacts.
Professional support in building a relevant and effective program that will match both the purpose of the event/conference as well as the appropriate and logical event lineup.
Marketing and Promotion
Establishing and consolidating a concept, event branding, building an event website, coordinating multimedia promotion.
Coordinating between all the suppliers involved in an event (even in excess of 30 suppliers) to create a logical, smooth process of cooperation.
Creative In-house Studio
Our In-house Creative Department provides you with design and graphic art services, and is in charge of creating and designing the ‘Event Language’ – a unified look, style, and messaging to encompass the entire event and to contribute to its unique atmosphere, experience, and post impacts.
Registration Setup
One of the most crucial elements of a successful conference/event is a reliable, smooth, flexible and comprehensive registration set up.

We employ an in-house, dedicated registration team to ensure that process-wise, we provide full coverage of both technological and human support whenever required.

Using the most innovative technological tools, an event/conference registration website is swiftly assembled by our expert team.  For the participants’ convenience, the website is user-friendly and comprehensive – it can be created in any language, covering registration options for accommodation, transportation, entertainment and cultural program, automated schedule for B2B meetings, detailed event program – all with a convenient and adaptable real-time breakdown of reports.

Travel and Accommodations
Coordination of all travel and accommodation arrangements for guests and speakers
VIP Services
A special VIP program for honorable guests and speakers
Sponsorship Program
We manage a special Sponsorship program for unique conferences /events by providing Sponsor recruitment support using our experts’ vast knowledge and network of connections.
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Whether your next Event/Conference requires our complete service list or just a part of it – call us for a free of charge consultancy. After a short qualification, we will let you know what is needed to create a successful experience.