In my name, and in the name of the members of the Association for Nuclear Medicine, I would like to thank you and all the Dirigo team for the successful organization of our conference at the Canaan Spa Hotel at the Dead Sea.
I have received high praise from the Association members and I give you all the credit for this. A special thank you for the dedication, the concern, the talent, and for the great job.

- Conference of the Israel Society for Nuclear Medicine, March 2016 , Association Chair

I would like to thank you for producing the Expanded Management Meeting for Bayer yesterday. Thank you for being attentive and available, for your help with whatever was necessary, for solving any problem or vendor issue pleasantly, calmly and with determination. Everything I expect from an organization planning company I received from you, and I very much appreciate it. I will be happy to work with you in future opportunities.

- Expanded Management Meeting, Bayer, June 2016 , Director of Human Resources

I would like to thank you with all my heart for your assistance in organizing our customer event.
You were with me throughout – it didn’t matter what hour of the day or night, and always with a wide smile and great patience. I know that it wasn’t a simple matter. I surprised you with plans and changes at very short notice and you carried all of them out to 100% satisfaction. Your performance deserves commendation and praise!!!
I will be happy to receive your support in future efforts.

- Customer Event, GE Healthcare, April 2016 , Executive Assistant to the CEO

…I wasn’t surprised, with you in the picture…but I still want to mention that it was fantastic! The organization, the coordination, everything!
Here’s to many more meetings like this one,
Thank you so much!

- Insightech Meeting, May 2015 , VP Human Resources

We would like to thank you for your assistance in the organization of the Conference of the Association of Hospital Directors that took place from March 17th-19th, 2016.
As always, your immense aid contributed to the success of the conference, you handled registration effectively, you took care of every organizational detail necessary for a successful outcome.
You were present and accountable every step of the way, making sure every move was the best possible. Thanks to you, the conference was held at a high level of quality.

- Conference of the Union of Hospital Directors – Israel Medical Association, March 2016 , Union Chair

I still can’t find the words, without a doubt, a resounding success! It was a perfect trip, you nailed it!
In the field everything worked like clockwork, exactly as planned, we are so pleased…our employees won’t be able to stop talking about it, until the next time… I am very appreciative, and thank you for the long challenging process we went through together, the end result was what was important, and it was perfect!!! Ayelet, many thanks for everything, and to your amazing staff, it was truly extraordinary!

- Company event and holiday in Eilat, June 2016 – Ironsource , Director of Human Resources and Welfare

I wish to thank you in the name of the conference organizers – the Israeli Psychiatric Association Jerusalem and Haifa branches, the Israeli Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Association, the Israeli Society of Forensic Psychiatry, the Israeli Society for the medical treatment of addictions – for the successful organization of the conference that took place in Eilat in November of 2014 on the subject of gender psychiatry.

Well done!

- Conference of Gender Psychiatry, November 2014 , Association Chair, Haifa branch

I would like to take this opportunity to express my great thanks for all of the management and direction of the conference held on Friday. Your efforts were greatly appreciated and moreover it was very pleasant and professional working with you.

I foresee more joint cooperation in the future!

- BI Company Conference, January 2016 , Product Field Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to you for the organization of the Hematology Conference held at the Dead Sea.

There is no doubt that the combination of the scientific and social programs was greatly satisfying to us, as well as to the rest of the members of the Society. We wish to personally thank Ayelet and Danielle for their generous help, for the time they dedicated to us, and for their patience and full cooperation at every stage of the organization and preparation of the conference.

Well done!

- Hematology Conference, Dead Sea, November 2014 , Secretary of the Israeli Society of Hematology and Blood Transfusion

I would like to thank both you personally and Dirigo, on behalf of myself and the Israel Diabetes Association, for your exceptional work and professionalism in producing the conferences.

Please accept my deepest appreciation for your services provided and professionalism that is without a doubt outstanding in the field, and we certainly look forward to working with you on future conferences of the Israel Diabetes Association.

The Israel Diabetes Association works for the welfare and improvement of the quality of life and health of diabetics and their families. We encourage research to promote health care and to enrich the knowledge of medical and paramedical staff. Your work and professionalism aid us in promoting these goals.

- Annual Conferences of the Israel Diabetes Association , Association Spokesperson

I would like to thank you and your team for the organization of the event, which was highly successful.
I have received very positive feedback from the attendees.

I would be glad to work with you again.

- Joint Scientific Gathering of Faculties of Cardiology, November 2015 , Secretary of the Faculty of Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases

In my role as a member of the Israeli Urological Association, as the Association secretary, and as Chair of the organizational committee of the Association’s annual conference, I would like to commend the work of Roy Gerson, who has produced the annual conferences of the Association for the past three years.

Roy, as producer of the conference, has shown professionalism, responsibility and full loyalty to the Association and its needs. As part of his work, Roy directed the conference budget in a balanced and prudent manner, managed an exhibition of thirty exhibiting companies, coordinated with several hotels, managed the abstract site, coordinated with numerous suppliers, and directed the personnel and servers at the conference itself.

- Conferences of the Israel Urological Association , Organization Committee Chair of the Eilat Conference

I would like to thank you for our Sanofi company vacation for 2016. This holiday was planned over two months, incorporating many of my dreams and requiring immense patience on your part, and eventually led to an outcome that exceeded all expectations. The trip certainly achieved its goal – inspiring employee loyalty and breaking records!
This vacation has earned an amazing response from the workers, from the race held on the first day, the cocktail workshop, the second evening event, and of course the pampering at the hotel. We really enjoyed working with you – your patience and confidence, your flexibility and mobilization for success. Thank you for your outstanding service and your insistence on satisfaction, even when it required changes and dozens of phone calls. In conclusion, once again thank you with all my heart, you are appreciated and valued – and we are left wanting more … To future collaborations, On behalf of all the participants and myself.

- Company Vacation, Sanofi Israel, May 2016 , Conference and Event Manager

In the name of the Israel Heart Society and especially the undersigned, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the perfect organization of the two conferences that took place last week in Haifa and in Tel Aviv.
Your preparation work for the conference was done with efficiency, diligence, with careful attention to every detail, and with cordiality, all contributing greatly to successful conferences organized in an exemplary manner both in Haifa and Tel Aviv. Participants expressed their satisfaction with the success of the conferences and with the wonderful atmosphere, as do we, and we are very grateful to you. Please convey our thanks to the rest of the team who made such tremendous efforts in preparing the conferences, including the technician and the servers.
Wishing you many more successful conferences such as these.

- Annual Conference of the Israel Heart Society, November 2015 , Association Committee